Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am planning to move to Wordpress

I have been quiet in this blog for couple of weeks now not only because of my busy schedule but also because I am thinking and planning of migrating this blog to Wordpress. This blog is hosted with Blogger since I started it last October 2010. Recently I am thinking of moving it to Wordpress as what I did to my Dress Up our Blogs.

I am trying to catch a free time to do all the moving. This is not easy on my part because I am one busy bee worker. Like what I’ve even before, I am currently working in the regular hours and I have only three hours a day (from 9pm-12mn) to work extra on my online commitments. So I cannot sure again when will I finish everything. For now I don’t have yet definite date when to move but I have the host, I have the means, I have the ways, I already have the new blog design in mind but what I do not have for now is TIME. But this is definitely on my list.

So, don’t panic if you visit me next time seeing the “Maintenance Mode”. That would be it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to all fathers

To all fathers and expectant fathers out there, today is your day...happy father's day to all of you!

For my husband Gerry I want to give you very sweet greetings on this day....I love you so much, mahal. You're such an ideal father and good provider to us. And I know you are giving all your best to keep our family as good as what our parents have raised us.

If I were to describe my husband as a father, the word "perfect" would not be enough. He is very loving, giving all our needs without throwing a second thought. He always think first of the kids other than himself....a very intelligent person, responsible, and most importantly he loves us more than his life because we are his life.

So happy father's day mahal and I love you more and will keep on loving you much...

To my papa, and my two brothers Francis and Raymon happy father's day to the three of you, too.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Intel i3 HP Notebook - newly added member in my working table

I know this is not too much but last week we finally got another HP notebook from newly opened 3C Store branch near our place. This was not in our plan but fortunately we got one!

Ask: Do we need it since we already have two laptops and 1 desktop here? My answer is yes. All I know is that we must get this one that time, not on the following day or not in another day. Would you believe that we got this 14" Intel Core i3 with Windows 7 at 50% off? They were having a huge sale for their grand opening and the sale was only until that day. Without thinking too much, we purchased the notebook and let them convert to English. I feel shy to mention the actual price but we got it for less than Php20K, I guess.

So how does my table accommodate now this new laptop? In my post here, you can see my table before without the HP notebook. And now, here it is another member in my working table:

It's just good thing that I have a large working table (because I don't want a small space to work on!).

For now I haven't explore this notebook yet for I have been so busy lately. But I am using it already in browsing the net particularly for checking my personal mails. I will make a review on this model some other time because for now I can't say much more aside from I absolutely love!

So, just congratulate me for having another tool for my blogging and designing career...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sony Ericsson Aino or Motorola ME600?

Last time I have posted about my target mobile phone to buy after my 6-year old Nokia 6300 finally gave up. It’s been almost three weeks now that I don’t have mobile phone (because I am still saving for the best…LOL!). Then I decided that if I got enough penny, I will go for Sony Ericsson Aino. I desire to have it since the time I saw it in one store here.

But last Sunday, one of our Filipino friends told me that he was selling his Motorola Backflip ME600 after using it for a year according to him.

(Photos from Motorola)

He bought a new Samsung Galaxy and planning to dispose his old one. I was then tempted to get his phone since the price is almost half of the brand new of the Sony Ericsson I am planning to buy. His phone still looks in perfect condition and I know it is still functioning well. So I told him, yes I am interested to get his ME600 but last night he called and asked me to get the phone later tonight but unfortunately for now I don’t have the ready-money yet to pay. So, sadly that I can no longer have his phone because somebody is also waiting and interested to have it.

So, I will still go for Sony Ericsson Aino. I am so excited to have a new phone and if ever this would be the most luxurious material I could have for myself (although the price of SE Aino is not that too expensive…LOL).

Friday, May 20, 2011

Foot Spa in fishes?

Last Saturday May 15, some of our fellow OFWs in our little community in Our Lady of China Church here in Taipei had a pilgrimage tour in Jaosi Yilan. That was my second time in that holy place where my first visit was last February with my husband, Fr. Edgar, and Fr. Martin. But this time, we had it for the whole community and we had lots of fun.

And one of our itinerary was to go on foot spa in fishes. This is absolutely new and weird for me. Only here in Taiwan that I heard and saw a foot spa in fishes. Yilan is a famous place in Taiwan and known for natural hot springs and spa. So for NT$50 we spent unlimited time soaking our feet in a warm natural water in a small pool with lots of fishes on it.

At first, I really couldn't take these fishes biting my foot skin because I felt there was an electricity on my head which made my hair strands went up. But later on when I ignore those fishes, it felt so nice and relaxing.

Here we were, sitting while having fun to these fishes on our feet.

We spent there for couple of hours. I definitely want to go back in this kind of foot spa.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th not good for me

I know this has nothing to do for being a Friday the 13th but I am so thrilled that when I woke up this morning, my 6-year old Nokia mobile phone is already dead (…as in no life at all).

This cellphone of mine has a sentimental value for me and within such 6 long years I haven’t think of buying new one for it has good performance and long lasting battery life. But honestly I have already a plan of getting new one this year but definitely not now. So I almost shouted when I saw this morning that it has no display at all. I have a suspect that the problem would be in the LCD but I don’t have idea why this happens since it was in good condition last night.

Now this is really a big problem for me because for now I cannot priority the buying of new cellphone. This month is a tough month for us. It is school enrollment of the kids and we have lots of priorities to pay much attention to rather than my mobile phone.

Okay, this means that I have to start looking around about what model should I get next. I am interested to get the Sony Ericsson Aino. This is the model I am always looking in the store.
(Photo from Sony Ericsson)

My husband is using Sony Ericsson model for years now and it is pretty not bad. I trusted Nokia but I want to get 8.1MP SE Aino. What I most like about this model is that it has a larger screen and a megapixel of 8.1. I am not so much internet user on mobile so no high need for an iPhone or HTC besides I don't have budget for such kinds.

So what do you think? You can check the whole features and overview of this here.

(Photo from Sony Ericsson)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Before I greet all the mothers out there I will greet myself first, "happy mother's day to me"...wink! So what wound I say next? Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, expectant mothers, single mothers, and those who are capable of being a mother! You're all the stars this day! Here is my simple card I made for all of us:

Do you have any special plans for today? I told my husband that he must treat me for a dinner (always naman!) and must let me sit whole day doing nothing...LOL! I miss my kids on this day because they are the reason why I called myself a "mother".

Again, let's celebrate this day and remember always the one that gave life to us, the imost mportant person in the world...our mothers. Happy mother's day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I had so much fun with Sharkbytes' puzzle

This could be late to post about the contest of Sharkbytes, the author of My Quality Day, because winners are already been declared. Last month she launched an essay writing contest as part of her birthday celebration. But I felt sad because it was only three days left when I read about her contest so I failed to submit an entry. Nevertheless, I had so much fun about the mechanics of such contest. She had a photo puzzle to be completed with monitored running time, and then when you finish the entire photo puzzle make an essay regarding such photo. That was so cool and I really had an intention to join but in the end I was not able to write an entry.

During my lunch time in the office, one ordinary weekday, I tried to make the puzzle. So I started the timer. After 6 minutes and 54 seconds, I got the upper right part of the photo.

Click the image to enlarge

Here are some screenshots I made between minutes: (click them for larger views)

I got my last piece around 23 minutes and 14 seconds:

I guess I can have the entire time to about 20 minutes if I did not make those screencasting...LOL! So after 23 minutes and 21 seconds I finished the entire photo puzzle.

Cool, right? I had so much fun doing the puzzle. Although I did not make it to the last date of submission of entries I still felt happy because of that puzzle. Thank you, Sharkbytes for this unique way of running a blog contest, congratulations to your winners and to the success of your birthday contest, and happy birthday to you as well. Keep coming of contests like this one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I’m the best mother ever?

brought to you by RJ's Mama

I may have some mistakes in life as a person or might wrong in any of my decisions but for the good for my children, I will never go wrong. And that's the real me as a MOTHER. I may not be the best person in the eyes of others but I can be a perfect mother that only my kids can tell .

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dress Up Your Blogs is now on live again!

I know, two months of reconstructing a site would be long enough but for me who has a regular work, doing such really needs more that (I guess).

Finally, yesterday I re-opened and re-published my Dress Up Your Blogs for all.

I changed everything in this blog/site (well, because I always have the tendency to do the makeover for my blogs) but the services I am offering are still the same, my fees are the same. I just want to give my good news that customizing blogs for Wordpress is now added to my services. I have recalled before in my post about my Goals and plans for my blogging and designing for 2011 which I posted last January 1, 2011 that designing blogs for Wordpress was really one of my target goal this year so recently I decided to have it added to my list.

I may not be good or perfect blog designer as compared to others but the fact that I am enjoying what I am doing, I still feel fine. As a matter of fact I have been a good fan of those who doing such services and I make them as inspirations. Like what I have said even before, I won't promise you anything about my digital products and services but I can promise you that I will try my best to meet your needs and wants beyond your expectations. Just be patient with my time because my time is my great enemy of all time...LOL!

Come and visit my new home, my new looks, my new way of blogging about my passion for blog designing. Some links may not be fixed yet so any help would be great Your follow and comments are highly appreciated. I will be giving more freebies and blogging tutorials so visit me there often.

Don't just create blogs. Dress them up!

I would love to see you there. Thanks for celebrating with me!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally, I hugged my iMac!

My husband Gerry and I had these sweet smiles one sunny morning when my son took this shot :

That was our vacation's first day in the Phils two weeks ago. And that morning was also the time when I finally touched and hugged my iMac.

I was waiting for this moment from the time declared me as Grand Winner for Christmas Card Designing Contest last December 2010. January 11, 2011 when this iMac was delivered through a courier and received by my brother.

Since we are not permanently living in my parents' house, this iMac is still in my brother's care (his house beside my mother's). But during our vacation time, we used kids love to use it.

And on the night we left Bicol, we packed again the iMac in box and gave it back to my brother again. I browsed MacOS for the first time. Laugh at me....I find MacOS so hard to use. I guess because I used to be a Windows user even before. I can't wait for my homecoming for good later this year to enjoy really what this iMac of mine could give me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My kids are getting serious with computer games!

My kids are getting serious with computer games! I know that they are interested in playing computer games but I was so shocked recently when I saw how they handle computer games. Vince just turned 10 and Charles is turning 9 this June but they look as if they really know what they are doing when pressing those keyboards with full intense to the games they are in. OMG! Ganito na ba talaga ang hilig ng mga bata ngayon?

Honestly I don’t have any idea how to play such games and I don’t have the interest to learn. I just love to look at them while playing computers but deep inside I have fear about the bad effects of this habit to their mental and physical health especially I am not around to look after them.

I know in their case, avoiding such habit would be so hard. Why? Because…
  • The computer shop is just next door step. The computer shop is owned by my brother who lives next in my parents’ house where my kids are now living so what do you expect….
  • They have so many peers around who also play computer games.
Can you imagine, few years ago they were just playing plastic toys but now they are joining already with their daddy in playing computer games....haizzt, like daddy like sons!

When I go home for good, I will limit the hours that my kids spend over the computer. Besides by next summer, we will be transferring to our new home where no near computer shop at all; only our home computers.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vince's 10th Birthday

My eldest son, Vince, kept on saying that this year was the most wonderful birthday he had...because we were with him when he celebrated his 10th birthday last April 4th. We missed several birthdays and special occasions of our kids and we really felt sorry for ourselves, as parents.

Looking at my eldest son's eyes, I saw happiness that I missed to see in person for several years. He entered in his two-digit age with all the bloom in his eyes.

We celebrated his birthday at home with his cousins and friends.

He wanted to go for swimming but unfortunately the weather was unpredictable so we decided to celebrate it at home with his cousins and friends. The day ended with all the smile in my child's eyes and I knew he was very happy.

My youngest son, Charles, told us that he also want our presence in his 9th birthday on June 1st but that would be impossible for us so we just told him that on his 10th birthday also we will be there for him.....for good!

At Central Plaza Mall - Daet

I long for this moment, to hang out with kids in the mall. Last April 3 after we attended the 4:30pm mass we went to Central Plaza Mall (Daet). As expected, we had so much fun playing and the kids were so happy.

I was surprised to know that Vince and Charles could play this car race. I thought that they were only interested in rides.

But all of the games they played in the mall, this basketball was the most exciting for them. They were really shouting for excitement and joy which I almost carried away.

...and how happy I am to see the men of my life.

We spent there for hours..eating, playing, laughing, talking. We all went home with a smile.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to work, back to online!

Hello there my friends, I’m back to work and I’m back to online!

Whew! Our 10-day vacation in the Phil has over and now we are here again in Taipei. Time flew so fast. To recall, we left Taipei last March 29 at 8pm to catch the flight at 1am. We felt very tired then because we still worked that whole day. But everything was in place for we were very excited of going home to see the kids. At exactly 10pm, we were at the gate waiting to board. Our choice of airline: Cebu Pacific.

At the gate waiting to board (Taoyuan Airport)

Taipei is just two hours travel to reach Manila so before 4am of March30 we finally checked out. My brother-in-law, Fr. Bert (my husband’s brother), picked us up in the airport. We stayed Manila for half day to attend some important matters. After lunch we headed home in Bicol which took 8 hours travel by private car.

We arrived home in Camarines Norte (where my parents are living with our kids) at exactly 10pm. The kids were still awake and excitedly waiting for our arrival. We missed them so much and we didn’t missed any minute hugging and kissing them after a year of not seeing them.

Taken during our visit in Basilica Minore

I will share to you all our happenings during that vacation. I just drop by here to inform everybody that I am alive again. We arrived here in Taipei last Monday around 1am and resumed to work by 9am so we were still almost dead in hangover.

At the gate (NAIA 3 Airport)

My husband, Gerry

I have to refresh my mind and catch up those pending and upcoming deadlines in my work. I am also starting to check my emails and respond as soon as I can. I miss you all here and I can't wait again to visit your blogs to check updates which I truly missed.

Welcome me again, friends!

Monday, March 28, 2011

We will be coming home for a vacation

Two weeks ago, my husband and I had a quick decision for a vacation. Our company granted our 6-day leave at work making it a total of 10 days including two weekends. We will be having our flight going back to PH tomorrow night so we still have whole day tomorrow to finish all pending deadlines at work. We have not yet totally done packing our things so tonight we will finalize them.

Our last visit in the PH was last year (February). So it was almost a year of not seeing the kids in person. We can no longer sleep at night in too much excitement, so with the kids. There are four things which makes me more excited about this homecoming:

1. Will be able to see the kids and be with them even for couple of days only.
2. Our presence will be there as our eldest son celebrate his 10th birthday on April 4.
3. Finally, I can hug my iMAC.
4. At last, we can see and visit our newly constructed house.

For this very limited time of vacation, I will not go online for a while to spend all of our time with our kids. We want to maximize and spend the most quality time for them. This is the main reason why I have to extend the re-publishing of my Dress Up Your Blogs.

In connection with this, I want to inform my dear readers and followers that I will be out starting tomorrow night March 29th until April 10th. You can still send me email but I can’t promise to response in prompt. We will resume for work here in Taipei by April 10th. So today (a day before our flight), look how messy my office table is, showing how rushing I am just to finish everything before I leave:

But I will clean up my table tomorrow night to keep everything in place again. Please pray for us for safe flight because when we arrive in Manila, we still have eight hours to travel by bus just to reach our place in Bicol. We are expecting to reach home by afternoon of March 30. Of course, no matter how far we'd go, it always feels good to be home. Happy trip to us and catch you, guys later!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am looking for verified seller of Victoria's Secret Lotions

I have been using Victoria's Secret lotions for years now and I will continue using them until I can afford to have them. Here in Taipei, I could easily get authentic Victoria's Secret products because there are lots of popular boutique here selling these items. I know that the lotions I am using are authentic because they are coming from reputable shops here and they claimed really as original. We all know that there are VS versions from Hongkong and Singapore and I find them cheaper than the ones made from USA.

I often visited to look for sellers who offer these items for I want to try and compare the scent and lasting power from the authentic ones. And there are lots of advertising sellers for these items. Can anybody here recommend me a particular seller who are certified seller, easy to deal with, and living in the PH? Real experiences from actual buyers would be great. I am not planning to resell them, I just want to use them by myself and try the versions from Hongkong or Singapore if they are good enough to compare to the original ones to save more $$ from my pocket.

I would love to hear your recommendations and testimonials about a particular seller. And if you are a seller, please contact me about your quotes and other details. Thanks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodbye, Elizabeth

I used not to blog about celebrities because I don’t have interest on them but when I heard the news last night that Elizabeth Taylor died for health reason, I could not control myself not to mention here about this fabulous and legendary Hollywood actress. Obviously she’s not about my age and her time was not my time and as a matter of fact I haven’t seen any of her movies but because of her popularity I became one of her avid fan. If you could remember I made a post last November 1, 2010 (oh my!) about her eyes which I really (really!) want to have. My post was about “I want that eyes, too!”.

I only known Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, nothing more nothing less. I love her beauty so much and no matter how pretty our young actresses of today, hers is still my favorite..very aristocratic and elegant. She is a true of picture of beauty.

Elizabeth Taylor, goodbye.. It's just so sad that your life ended in that way but I still admire you. I was not surprise anymore when I heard that she married 7 times (she had 8 husbands in all).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She made this by hand

Cecille, one of our Filipino friends here in Taipei, handed us a gift last Christmas which she made barely by hands. This young and funny wife of an OFW engineer is such creative when she used the traditional way of sewing to create stuff like this:

She made this super cute mobile case and what drives me crazier is the little foamy girl. And the button is so cute…I am a button collector and love having one in any of my stuff. She’s very good in stitching. It looks professionally made that you could not see any misplaced thread or cranky stitches.

I failed to shout that time this wonderful gift I received from her but I did not failed to give my big thanks with a matching hug to her for this gift. I received two of this which means that I have a reserved one in the future if in case my present one is already overused.

Thanks again, Cecille. It means a lot to me and you make my world more creative. By the way, can you sew dresses for my barbie dolls? They need new outfits. For sure my barbie dolls will be so happy to wear your creations. I tried several times sewing for them but I am not satisfied with my own hand stitch....I am only for cross-stitching**LOL.