Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to all fathers

To all fathers and expectant fathers out there, today is your day...happy father's day to all of you!

For my husband Gerry I want to give you very sweet greetings on this day....I love you so much, mahal. You're such an ideal father and good provider to us. And I know you are giving all your best to keep our family as good as what our parents have raised us.

If I were to describe my husband as a father, the word "perfect" would not be enough. He is very loving, giving all our needs without throwing a second thought. He always think first of the kids other than himself....a very intelligent person, responsible, and most importantly he loves us more than his life because we are his life.

So happy father's day mahal and I love you more and will keep on loving you much...

To my papa, and my two brothers Francis and Raymon happy father's day to the three of you, too.


  1. Sweet naman :). Hope you had a fun day yesterday.

  2. You have written very heart warming words for your husband... God bless you both...

  3. Awww, sweet! Happy Father's Day to your mahal! Pareho tayo ng endearment sa ating mga sinisinta :)

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