Friday, January 28, 2011

My blog is ready to be in-loved!

Wow, I can’t believe! My blog is so pinkish with lots of love and hearts around. So what can you say? Three days to go and we will hit the month of hearts and lovers. I know this could be so early to celebrate but my blog can’t wait another day to be dressed up and feel the love. I started making this theme last December while I was making my header for Christmas. See how excited I am for this month.

February is my favorite month of the year. Why? Not only because we celebrate it as lover's month but because this is my birth month....yipe! I will be turning 32 this month (oops, I revealed!) . I don't have any plan yet but definitely it would be a great day for me. Starting February 2, we will be having our one week holiday vacation from work to celebrate the Chinese New Year so everyone here is getting very excited including us!

Anyway, let's go back to my blog design. Just the other night, I finished the whole set. You can see here that I changed almost everything except my identity. I want to be remembered as a lady in green eyes with floating eyebrows**LOL. I love my header and I am in love with my girl icon so I just changed her shirt from blue to pink-lavender (I don't know what exactly that color is!). Sorry if she did not change her pants**(LOL again!). What about the bird? The bird?...yes the bird in red wings. I drew it! I made it. It looks perfect on my header and it fits to my fingertip, right? Another one is my sofa. I brought it to the digital upholstery shop (wink!) and changed from blue to pink. The wall also become soft pink with light violet shade but I still use the same wallpaper.

Other changes are:

Background. Obviously, this now become a parade of hearts...from my lucky polka dots to loving hearts...awesome I love it so much!

Layout. With my preference, I changed its layout from three-column to two-column to give way much on my blog post area. But I did not change my blog entire width, still on its 930px wide.

My about me picture. From a full size-frame to a thumbnail size in a tag. As a matter of fact I find hard looking for a photo of mine wearing a red shirt at least. So far this is what I've got which was taken I guess two years ago.

Tags and Labels. I used blue in my previous one. So to blend with pink, I changed them all, too!

Main menu. I made this menu purposely because my previous links were directed to my two other blogs and I feel that my homepage link and my contact details were not noticeable as they should be. Now they are huge and visible enough, and cute as well (because of the bird!).

Signature and divider. My signature came from the same concept of my main menu while my post divider changed from stitches to shiny string.

Pink Badge. Lastly I also made my pink banner which will be ran in my network from this day all through the month of February.

So that's it. I made the whole set in accordance with pink, red and lavender color concept without changing my blog identity. I dressed it up, I makeover it, but still the same Grace in Creative Life image. So, to refresh to you my previous blue theme layout, come and check it out once again: (Click the image for larger view)

I will be wearing this new pinkish design until the end of February. After such period I will still get back to my blue template but I am thinking to keep the bird in my header, just make it blue**wink. Now I am starting to think when would be the next dress up. America's Independence Day? St. Patrick Festival? or Halloween?**LOL. I guess I have to start sewing my Halloween costume then...

Enjoy looking around my blog and don't forget to leave some love here. I would be very glad to read your cheers. Advance Happy Valentines Day to all and start showing your love in your blog now....the earlier, the lovelier!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We bought these...guess why!

Last Saturday, we have been to one shopping mall here to buy something that me and my husband really need to have. This is not priority for now but we see it as necessity so we never had second taught of picking this item. Look what we have got:

It’s a 3-section tripod…!

Why do you think we prefer to get this item, well in fact we already have a tripod? The only thing I could say is.…we need a bigger tripod now to support a bigger camera. This one from Olympus is much bigger than the one we have for our point-and-shoot Sony digital camera. We really need this, as in we have to have this…

Together with the tripod, we also bought this all-in-one memory card reader.

Haizz, can you guess now why we bought these stuff? This only means another check in my 2011 wish list...Hhhmm, so excited to bring you another good news but I will post about this some other time**LOL. If you have felt jealous with my new iMac, for sure you will also feel green in envy when you see my new pet!**wink

Got an idea now?

Thursday, January 20, 2011 winter socks!

Want to see my super cuteeee pair of pair of winter socks?

Cute, isn't it? I really can't stand the chilling temperature here in Taipei so I must have a complete set of winter stuff. And recently, this pair of socks has become my favorite. I love the mix bloody red color combination but what really attracts me with this thing is the "xoxox" written in the toes. I find it so cool and cute and unique and pretty.....ah whatever. What I know is that it is creatively comfortable. Here is a closer look of the "xoxox" while in actual wear on:

I can stretch this socks up to my knees and it looks pretty nice on me (I guess!).

This is my fourth winter here in Taipei and within that period I owned several of these kind but not like this with the "xoxox" thing. Most of the winter socks I bought were the ordinary ones that is why the time I saw it in the store I never had a second thought of having one for myself.

So what do think? How I wish this socks come in pair with hand gloves, but I couldn't see one (..will still keep looking around hoping there might be....while the winter is not yet over).

Before I end up, I want to show you my other winter stuff which I bought together with this winter winter mask:

I did not capture myself wearing this mask because I look like one creative terrorist and cute suspicious character**wink! That's it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Got a new Polo Wallet!

I confess...I am a wallet addict (also with bags). This is my obsession since I was a little girl. I never stop buying wallets and most of the time I gave those used ones to my mother because she loves my wallets, too. Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Gongguan Night Market where I used to buy my girly stuff. Without any plan, I bought a new Polo wallet. Look, what can you say?

I will give you a little tour and closer look to my new wallet. This is authentic leather and come in handy size.

At the back side, it has a zip coin purse with a leather small strap.

It has 9 card slots with one slot for photo, and of course for bills.

I love its box, too**LOL.

But wait, I have another thing to reveal. Actually this is not my first Polo wallet. As a matter of fact this is my second one. I think five or six months ago I bought the same brand but another style. Check this out:

This one is a little bit bigger than the last one. It has 15 card slots and 1 photo slot. But they are both three-fold. I love this too.

I don't know if I am really an impulsive buyer or just following my "wants" when it comes to wallets. You see, they have the same brand, the same texture, and came from the same store.

For wallet-crazy women like me, for sure you will love the Polo wallet. The price? Nah! please don't ask me. This is definitely cheaper than Burberry and Coach. What I can say about its price is that it is worth to own one specially if you love stylish leather wallets. Go and get one for yourself. I am also looking and saving penny to have a partner bag for these wallets.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I want to hug my iMAC!

After couple of days and weeks of excitedly waiting, my Apple iMAC has finally received last January 11, 2011 (1-11-11). That day was indeed a lucky day! I never get tired of giving my thanks to for this wonderful opportunity because even in my wildest dream I have never imagined to have stuff like iMAC, even the iPhone or iPAD I cannot afford to own one. But now, I got an iMAC for my own for free, with no expense even a single cent.

Actual box of the iMAC
For those who do not know yet what I have been through just to have this iMAC, I am so proud to tell you that I was declared as the Grand winner in the last’s Christmas Card Designing Contest and got this iMAC as a prize. I put all the details about my participation in that contest in my thanksgiving post last December 15th. You can read my full story here: My Christmas Card Entry #71 won an iMAC in

The other day I received an email from Ms Heide, a’s administrator, that the iMAC has been sent through courier in the address I have given to them. I told them that we are living in the province (Bicol) and a bit far from Metro Manila (8-hour travel by land) to personally claim the prize. And Sulit is just so awesome that they let my prize be claimed by shipping it to our place instead, with all the shipping cost shoulder by them. Can you imagine how wonderful it is?

So I got more excited and happy because everything is getting real and I can’t wait to see it. But you know I really want to cry out loud…waaaahh! Because for now what I can only do with my brand new iMAC is to just look and see because I am not around when it arrived and it will be months from now before I can finally touch it.

So how is everything set into place without me, as the original owner? Okay, okay, I authorized my brother Francis to receive the package delivery. I gave him the full authority to sign all needed documents in behalf of my name. And at the same time I let him use my iMAC also while I am not around….waaaahh! (again!)...This is the one lucky guy to be the first user of my iMAC.

I insisted my brother (to the max) to provide me more shots of the iMAC. He is so kind that he provided me some for my initial viewing. There he is again while in action: (Photos taken by his wife, my sister-in-law Liza)

I admit, I have no knowledge in MAC OS. I have to get familiar with it first. But my husband and other friends told me that it is easy to use and learn also. We have three computers here, 1 desktop and 2 laptops and all are in Windows. I am also using Windows in the office. From the very start I am a Windows user and learning MAC OS is another challenge for me so...go girl!

Why my kids, Vince and Charles, were not in the picture with their mommy's iMAC? Until now they are still recovering from chicken pox and I am praying hard for their wellness. They don't want to pose on a shot because of the spots they have on the face and body....hhmm pretty conscious just like their mother). They told me to send pictures of them later (definitely I will post them here, too). Get well soon, mga anak (my kids)! I know you are both excited to use your mommy's iMAC, too.

Again for this blessing,, you're the best. If you are looking for your business to boast and spread its word, get into Aside from free ADs for your business, you can also have a chance to be a lucky winner like me if you participate in contests they are launching for their members.

I am looking for the day to hug my iMAC and introduce myself. I am starting to count days and months before this iMAC finally have it in my hands.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vanishing Ryheanne!

Last November 22, 2010 during my regular blog hopping, I came across to one blog of Ryheanne, her Traveller's Blog. She made a post Yonghegong Lama Temple (China) last November 3, 2009 and saw her picture which made me think of a potential scenario to play with images. So I posted a comment on her post asking for a permission to use her photo. And with the same day, she granted my request and sent me the original copy of her picture (thanks again, sis!).

But because of the hard time I had from such period up to the first day of this year, I was not able to touch the photo I have requested from her. And the other day I started playing with her image and now I want to share it with you.

Let me first show you the original copy of Ryheanne's photo I am talking about:

There she goes standing in the middle with other tourists around. Do you know what I did to her? Take a very closer look with this one:

Waaahh, sis Ryheanne you are scaring me. You are completely vanishing! Why people around you haven't even notice that you are vanishing and appearing???

Because Ryheanne is the main character here, I did not include myself**LOL. As a matter of fact I want to join her in this picture but supporting character is not needed:) I wish this thing could be possible in real life. Because there are times that I feel I want to disappear from view especially when I am in great pressure and stress and appear instead in a place like Paris...yay! This is exciting but did you know that I have been to Paris already?

Anyway, thanks again sis Ryheanne for this image of yours and for being part of my blog. I am still looking around for those who have potential images for my playful digital ideas. Have a nice day and thanks looking around!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taipei 101 on 2011 New Year

Taipei 101 is just 20-minute ride from our place and I can no longer recall for how many times we have visited this place even from the time it was still the tallest building in the world (2004-2010 before the Burj Khalifa). So the view around the building of Taipei 101 is not new to me but the building itself keep amazes me everytime I see it in person. I cannot imagine how genius the people behind this project!

Last December 31, 2010 my husband and I went to Taipei 101 to see the last scenario around the place before the New Year. We went there around 4pm and stayed for 5 hours. For the past years we have been there also up to the countdown to watch the yearly fireworks display. But this year we have decided not to wait for the countdown because of the number of people and the weather**LOL. The weather was very cold (around 7° C - 9° C) and I couldn't stand it.

Taipei 101 at daytime

Taipei 101 at night time

These pictures were taken by me at the very foot of the building. I was imagining this building that few hours to go it would be on fire again just like the previous New Year's fireworks display.

On the base of the building

Inside the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

What a pretty image of Taipei 101!

On the other side of the building

I feel shy to show this to you because it looks "corny" but here I go, touching the tip of the tower:

So how would I describe a night before the New Year at Taipei 101? It was amazing, memorable, and remarkable moment for me not only because of these photos but because I was with this man:

Perhaps this could be our last New Year here in Taipei and this could also be the last time we will see the Taipei 101 on New Year because we are planning to go home in the Philippines this year for good to be the kids...and this sounds more exciting than seeing the Taipei 101, isn't it?

And before I end up my post I want to show you a video. Sorry if I don't have my own video because like what I have said, we did not wait for the countdown so just to give you an idea about the fireworks display in Taipei 101 for the year 2011, here is a video which I only grabbed from YouTube from certain ShunanZhung...three hours after we left the place, the Taipei 101 was set on fire***very beautiful!

Thank you for looking and hope someday you could also visit Taiwan and see this incredible building.

P.S: This time, the photos above are not products of Photoshop**LOL (defensive!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals and plans for my blogging and designing for 2011

A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Welcome to my very first post of the year 2011.

I am silently shouting my joy to welcome my year 2011. For sure most of you are still in bed..hey wake up it's New Year! Get up and start the year for not being late**LOL.

Anyway, yesterday I had my last post for 2010. I looked back and refreshed my blogging and designing experiences in the past 365 days. So today, the first day of the year 2011, is the perfect day to give my targets and plans for my blogging and designing activities for the next 365 days. There is no harm in trying to set goals, right?

**The first in my target plan is to at least get some of the stuff in my wish list as soon as I can because I found most of them necessity in my digital designing.

**Create more Photoshop tutorials and give more blog designing tips. I am not an expert one to give the best tutorials for such areas but I will really try my best to share what I know and what I have learned.

**Give more freebies regularly in my Digital Retouching blog and share them to my digital scrapbooking community.

**Write and publish useful articles often. I will oblige myself to do and maintain this goal not only for the sake of my blogs but also for the sake of my followers and readers.

**Designing blogs for Wordpress. This is one of my priorities this year and hopefully I can start my blog designing services for Wordpress by mid-year.

**Designing services for business cards and party invitations. Supposedly, this plan was first set in 2010 but in the end I decided to offer my services instead for blog designing for a while. So for this year I am looking forward to have these services also.

**Purchase more licensed images and graphics. This is always been my goal since I started designing.

**I am also planning to create a separate blog for my kids but not really priority. If I get extra time, I will create blog for them.

**Be more active in social networking media like Facebook and Twitter.

**Be a consistent and active advertiser and publisher in Adgitize.

**Setup newsletter subscription for my two blogs just like in my Digital Retouching. I will also post tips about this additional feature in our blogs so keep watching about it. I will post the topic in my Dress Up Your Blogs.

**Manage my time well and organize my stuff in creative designing.

**But the most important plan I am looking forward for this year is to wear smile always no matter what, even in the face of stress and pressure...pretty tough, right? In addition to this goal, I am also setting up another motto for this year: Whatever I do, I do it with a smile.

So far these are my plan and goals. If ever there are some more I will just add them to my list (in my organizer). What about you, do you have any objectives for this year? I would love to hear and read them all, too.

Happy New Year again and as I said yesterday (I will repeat..), start the year right so the rest of the year is right.