Friday, May 20, 2011

Foot Spa in fishes?

Last Saturday May 15, some of our fellow OFWs in our little community in Our Lady of China Church here in Taipei had a pilgrimage tour in Jaosi Yilan. That was my second time in that holy place where my first visit was last February with my husband, Fr. Edgar, and Fr. Martin. But this time, we had it for the whole community and we had lots of fun.

And one of our itinerary was to go on foot spa in fishes. This is absolutely new and weird for me. Only here in Taiwan that I heard and saw a foot spa in fishes. Yilan is a famous place in Taiwan and known for natural hot springs and spa. So for NT$50 we spent unlimited time soaking our feet in a warm natural water in a small pool with lots of fishes on it.

At first, I really couldn't take these fishes biting my foot skin because I felt there was an electricity on my head which made my hair strands went up. But later on when I ignore those fishes, it felt so nice and relaxing.

Here we were, sitting while having fun to these fishes on our feet.

We spent there for couple of hours. I definitely want to go back in this kind of foot spa.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th not good for me

I know this has nothing to do for being a Friday the 13th but I am so thrilled that when I woke up this morning, my 6-year old Nokia mobile phone is already dead (…as in no life at all).

This cellphone of mine has a sentimental value for me and within such 6 long years I haven’t think of buying new one for it has good performance and long lasting battery life. But honestly I have already a plan of getting new one this year but definitely not now. So I almost shouted when I saw this morning that it has no display at all. I have a suspect that the problem would be in the LCD but I don’t have idea why this happens since it was in good condition last night.

Now this is really a big problem for me because for now I cannot priority the buying of new cellphone. This month is a tough month for us. It is school enrollment of the kids and we have lots of priorities to pay much attention to rather than my mobile phone.

Okay, this means that I have to start looking around about what model should I get next. I am interested to get the Sony Ericsson Aino. This is the model I am always looking in the store.
(Photo from Sony Ericsson)

My husband is using Sony Ericsson model for years now and it is pretty not bad. I trusted Nokia but I want to get 8.1MP SE Aino. What I most like about this model is that it has a larger screen and a megapixel of 8.1. I am not so much internet user on mobile so no high need for an iPhone or HTC besides I don't have budget for such kinds.

So what do you think? You can check the whole features and overview of this here.

(Photo from Sony Ericsson)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Before I greet all the mothers out there I will greet myself first, "happy mother's day to me"...wink! So what wound I say next? Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, expectant mothers, single mothers, and those who are capable of being a mother! You're all the stars this day! Here is my simple card I made for all of us:

Do you have any special plans for today? I told my husband that he must treat me for a dinner (always naman!) and must let me sit whole day doing nothing...LOL! I miss my kids on this day because they are the reason why I called myself a "mother".

Again, let's celebrate this day and remember always the one that gave life to us, the imost mportant person in the world...our mothers. Happy mother's day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I had so much fun with Sharkbytes' puzzle

This could be late to post about the contest of Sharkbytes, the author of My Quality Day, because winners are already been declared. Last month she launched an essay writing contest as part of her birthday celebration. But I felt sad because it was only three days left when I read about her contest so I failed to submit an entry. Nevertheless, I had so much fun about the mechanics of such contest. She had a photo puzzle to be completed with monitored running time, and then when you finish the entire photo puzzle make an essay regarding such photo. That was so cool and I really had an intention to join but in the end I was not able to write an entry.

During my lunch time in the office, one ordinary weekday, I tried to make the puzzle. So I started the timer. After 6 minutes and 54 seconds, I got the upper right part of the photo.

Click the image to enlarge

Here are some screenshots I made between minutes: (click them for larger views)

I got my last piece around 23 minutes and 14 seconds:

I guess I can have the entire time to about 20 minutes if I did not make those screencasting...LOL! So after 23 minutes and 21 seconds I finished the entire photo puzzle.

Cool, right? I had so much fun doing the puzzle. Although I did not make it to the last date of submission of entries I still felt happy because of that puzzle. Thank you, Sharkbytes for this unique way of running a blog contest, congratulations to your winners and to the success of your birthday contest, and happy birthday to you as well. Keep coming of contests like this one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I’m the best mother ever?

brought to you by RJ's Mama

I may have some mistakes in life as a person or might wrong in any of my decisions but for the good for my children, I will never go wrong. And that's the real me as a MOTHER. I may not be the best person in the eyes of others but I can be a perfect mother that only my kids can tell .