Friday, May 20, 2011

Foot Spa in fishes?

Last Saturday May 15, some of our fellow OFWs in our little community in Our Lady of China Church here in Taipei had a pilgrimage tour in Jaosi Yilan. That was my second time in that holy place where my first visit was last February with my husband, Fr. Edgar, and Fr. Martin. But this time, we had it for the whole community and we had lots of fun.

And one of our itinerary was to go on foot spa in fishes. This is absolutely new and weird for me. Only here in Taiwan that I heard and saw a foot spa in fishes. Yilan is a famous place in Taiwan and known for natural hot springs and spa. So for NT$50 we spent unlimited time soaking our feet in a warm natural water in a small pool with lots of fishes on it.

At first, I really couldn't take these fishes biting my foot skin because I felt there was an electricity on my head which made my hair strands went up. But later on when I ignore those fishes, it felt so nice and relaxing.

Here we were, sitting while having fun to these fishes on our feet.

We spent there for couple of hours. I definitely want to go back in this kind of foot spa.


  1. that is a unique spa you have there.. i guess a must try for everyone.

  2. There's one like that in Manila Ocean Park. I didn't try it, though, as i was afraid I couldn't stand it, because I am so ticklish :)