Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sony Ericsson Aino or Motorola ME600?

Last time I have posted about my target mobile phone to buy after my 6-year old Nokia 6300 finally gave up. It’s been almost three weeks now that I don’t have mobile phone (because I am still saving for the best…LOL!). Then I decided that if I got enough penny, I will go for Sony Ericsson Aino. I desire to have it since the time I saw it in one store here.

But last Sunday, one of our Filipino friends told me that he was selling his Motorola Backflip ME600 after using it for a year according to him.

(Photos from Motorola)

He bought a new Samsung Galaxy and planning to dispose his old one. I was then tempted to get his phone since the price is almost half of the brand new of the Sony Ericsson I am planning to buy. His phone still looks in perfect condition and I know it is still functioning well. So I told him, yes I am interested to get his ME600 but last night he called and asked me to get the phone later tonight but unfortunately for now I don’t have the ready-money yet to pay. So, sadly that I can no longer have his phone because somebody is also waiting and interested to have it.

So, I will still go for Sony Ericsson Aino. I am so excited to have a new phone and if ever this would be the most luxurious material I could have for myself (although the price of SE Aino is not that too expensive…LOL).

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  1. I have my Samsung Galaxy Ace, but the SE Aino looks like a cool phone too.