Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dress Up Your Blogs is now on live again!

I know, two months of reconstructing a site would be long enough but for me who has a regular work, doing such really needs more that (I guess).

Finally, yesterday I re-opened and re-published my Dress Up Your Blogs for all.

I changed everything in this blog/site (well, because I always have the tendency to do the makeover for my blogs) but the services I am offering are still the same, my fees are the same. I just want to give my good news that customizing blogs for Wordpress is now added to my services. I have recalled before in my post about my Goals and plans for my blogging and designing for 2011 which I posted last January 1, 2011 that designing blogs for Wordpress was really one of my target goal this year so recently I decided to have it added to my list.

I may not be good or perfect blog designer as compared to others but the fact that I am enjoying what I am doing, I still feel fine. As a matter of fact I have been a good fan of those who doing such services and I make them as inspirations. Like what I have said even before, I won't promise you anything about my digital products and services but I can promise you that I will try my best to meet your needs and wants beyond your expectations. Just be patient with my time because my time is my great enemy of all time...LOL!

Come and visit my new home, my new looks, my new way of blogging about my passion for blog designing. Some links may not be fixed yet so any help would be great Your follow and comments are highly appreciated. I will be giving more freebies and blogging tutorials so visit me there often.

Don't just create blogs. Dress them up!

I would love to see you there. Thanks for celebrating with me!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally, I hugged my iMac!

My husband Gerry and I had these sweet smiles one sunny morning when my son took this shot :

That was our vacation's first day in the Phils two weeks ago. And that morning was also the time when I finally touched and hugged my iMac.

I was waiting for this moment from the time declared me as Grand Winner for Christmas Card Designing Contest last December 2010. January 11, 2011 when this iMac was delivered through a courier and received by my brother.

Since we are not permanently living in my parents' house, this iMac is still in my brother's care (his house beside my mother's). But during our vacation time, we used kids love to use it.

And on the night we left Bicol, we packed again the iMac in box and gave it back to my brother again. I browsed MacOS for the first time. Laugh at me....I find MacOS so hard to use. I guess because I used to be a Windows user even before. I can't wait for my homecoming for good later this year to enjoy really what this iMac of mine could give me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My kids are getting serious with computer games!

My kids are getting serious with computer games! I know that they are interested in playing computer games but I was so shocked recently when I saw how they handle computer games. Vince just turned 10 and Charles is turning 9 this June but they look as if they really know what they are doing when pressing those keyboards with full intense to the games they are in. OMG! Ganito na ba talaga ang hilig ng mga bata ngayon?

Honestly I don’t have any idea how to play such games and I don’t have the interest to learn. I just love to look at them while playing computers but deep inside I have fear about the bad effects of this habit to their mental and physical health especially I am not around to look after them.

I know in their case, avoiding such habit would be so hard. Why? Because…
  • The computer shop is just next door step. The computer shop is owned by my brother who lives next in my parents’ house where my kids are now living so what do you expect….
  • They have so many peers around who also play computer games.
Can you imagine, few years ago they were just playing plastic toys but now they are joining already with their daddy in playing computer games....haizzt, like daddy like sons!

When I go home for good, I will limit the hours that my kids spend over the computer. Besides by next summer, we will be transferring to our new home where no near computer shop at all; only our home computers.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vince's 10th Birthday

My eldest son, Vince, kept on saying that this year was the most wonderful birthday he had...because we were with him when he celebrated his 10th birthday last April 4th. We missed several birthdays and special occasions of our kids and we really felt sorry for ourselves, as parents.

Looking at my eldest son's eyes, I saw happiness that I missed to see in person for several years. He entered in his two-digit age with all the bloom in his eyes.

We celebrated his birthday at home with his cousins and friends.

He wanted to go for swimming but unfortunately the weather was unpredictable so we decided to celebrate it at home with his cousins and friends. The day ended with all the smile in my child's eyes and I knew he was very happy.

My youngest son, Charles, told us that he also want our presence in his 9th birthday on June 1st but that would be impossible for us so we just told him that on his 10th birthday also we will be there for him.....for good!

At Central Plaza Mall - Daet

I long for this moment, to hang out with kids in the mall. Last April 3 after we attended the 4:30pm mass we went to Central Plaza Mall (Daet). As expected, we had so much fun playing and the kids were so happy.

I was surprised to know that Vince and Charles could play this car race. I thought that they were only interested in rides.

But all of the games they played in the mall, this basketball was the most exciting for them. They were really shouting for excitement and joy which I almost carried away.

...and how happy I am to see the men of my life.

We spent there for hours..eating, playing, laughing, talking. We all went home with a smile.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to work, back to online!

Hello there my friends, I’m back to work and I’m back to online!

Whew! Our 10-day vacation in the Phil has over and now we are here again in Taipei. Time flew so fast. To recall, we left Taipei last March 29 at 8pm to catch the flight at 1am. We felt very tired then because we still worked that whole day. But everything was in place for we were very excited of going home to see the kids. At exactly 10pm, we were at the gate waiting to board. Our choice of airline: Cebu Pacific.

At the gate waiting to board (Taoyuan Airport)

Taipei is just two hours travel to reach Manila so before 4am of March30 we finally checked out. My brother-in-law, Fr. Bert (my husband’s brother), picked us up in the airport. We stayed Manila for half day to attend some important matters. After lunch we headed home in Bicol which took 8 hours travel by private car.

We arrived home in Camarines Norte (where my parents are living with our kids) at exactly 10pm. The kids were still awake and excitedly waiting for our arrival. We missed them so much and we didn’t missed any minute hugging and kissing them after a year of not seeing them.

Taken during our visit in Basilica Minore

I will share to you all our happenings during that vacation. I just drop by here to inform everybody that I am alive again. We arrived here in Taipei last Monday around 1am and resumed to work by 9am so we were still almost dead in hangover.

At the gate (NAIA 3 Airport)

My husband, Gerry

I have to refresh my mind and catch up those pending and upcoming deadlines in my work. I am also starting to check my emails and respond as soon as I can. I miss you all here and I can't wait again to visit your blogs to check updates which I truly missed.

Welcome me again, friends!